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MB Sample ID: SA163301

Local Sample ID:NYSM-00454
Subject ID:SU001822
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Rattus norvegicus
Taxonomy ID:10116
Genotype Strain:Long Evans
Age Or Age Range:From post-natal day 1 (PN1) to PN80
Weight Or Weight Range:5g-250g
Gender:Male and female
Animal Animal Supplier:Envigo
Animal Housing:Animal facility at NYU
Animal Light Cycle:7am-7pm

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP001828
Sampleprep Summary:Extraction of samples was performed using a MicroLab STAR automated liquid handling robot (Hamilton Robotics, Inc., Reno, NV, USA); 450 μL of methanol was added to 100 μL of sample to precipitate proteins. Four recovery standards (DL-2-fluorophenylglycine, tridecanoic acid, cholesterol-d6 and 4-chlorophenylalanine) were added to each sample to determine extraction efficiency. To remove proteins, dissociate small molecules bound to protein, and recover metabolites, proteins were precipitated with methanol under vigorous shaking for 2 min (Glen Mills GenoGrinder 2000) followed by centrifugation (1300 g for 10 min at room temperature). The resultant supernatants were placed in a TurboVap (Zymark) to remove the organic solvent. Each sample extract was then divided into five equal aliquots, dried under nitrogen, and stored in vacuo prior to metabolomic profiling.