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MB Sample ID: SA007396

Local Sample ID:SeM (PNT1A)
Subject ID:SU000153
Subject Type:Human cells
Subject Species:Homo sapiens
Taxonomy ID:9606
Cell Biosource Or Supplier:ATCC, Sigma
Cell Strain Details:DU145 prostate cancer, PNT1A prostate nontumor
Subject Comments:10
Cell Primary Immortalized:Immortalized
Cell Passage Number:10
Cell Counts:10
Species Group:Human

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Treatment ID:TR000155
Treatment Summary:Cells were grown to 80% confluence in Petri dishes (50 mm in diameter) in 4.5% CO2 at 37 OC for 5-6 days for full attachment to the substratum. After aspirating the old growth medium, 3 mL of SeM or SeMSC (300 mM) in fresh pre-warmed medium at 37 ÂșC was added to each dish.
Treatment Compound:Selenomethionine / Se-methylselenocysteine
Treatment Dose:300 mM
Treatment Dosevolume:3 mL
Treatment Doseduration:24 hrs
Treatment Vehicle:dissolved in culture media
Cell Storage:incubator
Cell Growth Container:petri dish (Corning)
Cell Growth Config:monolayer, adherent
Cell Growth Rate:5-6 days
Cell Inoc Proc:trypsinized, then subculture
Cell Media:RPMI, EMEM
Cell Envir Cond:37 C, 4.5% CO2 incubator
Cell Harvesting:after trypsinization
Cell Pct Confluence:80%
Cell Media Lastchanged:2-3 days