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MB Sample ID: SA014986

Local Sample ID:27905
Subject ID:SU000355
Subject Type:Animal
Subject Species:Bos taurus
Taxonomy ID:9913
Species Group:Mammal

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Treatment ID:TR000369
Treatment Summary:No treatments were administered on the subjects. The factors of interest are pregnant status (pregnant vs. nonpregnant) and stage of conceptus development (ovoid vs. tubular vs. filamentous), which was evaluated base on the shape and length of the conceptus. Thus, cows were classified as nonpregnant (no conceptus recovered), pregnant with an ovoid conceptus (1-4 mm), pregnant with a tubular conceptus (5-19 mm), or pregnant with a filamentous conceptus (20-80 mm). The fifth group is part of a preliminary study comparing a different reproductive physiology condition prior enrollment. Cows in the fifth group are all pregnant with a filamentous conceptus. Interferon-tau, a type-I interferon secreted by exclusively by trophectoderm cells of ruminants conceptuses, was measured in all uterine flushing. Nonpregnant status was confirmed only for those that had no signal of interferon-tau in the uterine flushing. Samples were arranged in 6 blocks of 5 samples each. Within each block, all 5 groups are represented. For each group, samples were selected randomly from the population in the study. All investigators, except for the study administrator, and collaborators should be blind to factors of interest.