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MB Sample ID: SA163301

Local Sample ID:NYSM-00454
Subject ID:SU001822
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Rattus norvegicus
Taxonomy ID:10116
Genotype Strain:Long Evans
Age Or Age Range:From post-natal day 1 (PN1) to PN80
Weight Or Weight Range:5g-250g
Gender:Male and female
Animal Animal Supplier:Envigo
Animal Housing:Animal facility at NYU
Animal Light Cycle:7am-7pm

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Treatment ID:TR001835
Treatment Summary:Metabolomic profiling was carried out on hippocampal extracts (five to seven individual replicates) obtained from untrained rats at four early, prepuberal developmental ages [postnatal day 1 (PN1), PN7, PN17 and PN24] and compared to the profile obtained from young adults (PN80). Additionally, the metabolomic profiles of the hippocampus 1 hour after IA training at PN17, PN24, and PN80 were compared with those of age-matched untrained (naive) control rats.