Summary of Study ST002539

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001635. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8C42F This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST002539
Study TitleMicrobial metabolomic responses to changes in temperature and salinity along the western Antarctic Peninsula.
Study TypeStudy of particulate metabolites in phytoplankton and sea-ice algae along the Western Antarctic Peninsula
Study SummarySeasonal cycles within the marginal ice zones in polar regions include large shifts in temperature and salinity that strongly influence microbial abundance and physiology. However, the combined effects of concurrent temperature and salinity change on microbial community structure and biochemical composition during transitions between seawater and sea ice are not well understood. Coastal marine communities along the western Antarctic Peninsula were sampled and surface seawater was incubated at combinations of temperature and salinity mimicking the formation (cold, salty) and melting (warm, fresh) of sea ice to evaluate how these factors may shape community composition and particulate metabolite pools during seasonal transitions. Bacterial and algal community structures were tightly coupled to each other and distinct across sea-ice, seawater, and sea-ice-meltwater field samples, with unique metabolite profiles in each habitat. During short-term (approximately 10-day) incubations of seawater microbial communities under different temperature and salinity conditions, community compositions changed minimally while metabolite pools shifted greatly, strongly accumulating compatible solutes like proline and glycine betaine under cold and salty conditions. Lower salinities reduced total metabolite concentrations in particulate matter, which may indicate a release of metabolites into the labile dissolved organic matter pool. Low salinity also increased acylcarnitine concentrations in particulate matter, suggesting a potential for fatty acid degradation and reduced nutritional value at the base of the food web during freshening. Our findings have consequences for food web dynamics, microbial interactions, and carbon cycling as polar regions undergo rapid climate change.
University of Washington, School of Oceanography
DepartmentSchool of Oceanography
LaboratoryYoung Lab
Last NameDawson
First NameHannah
Address1501 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA, 98195, USA
Submit Date2023-03-27
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)mzXML
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2023-05-25
Release Version1
Hannah Dawson Hannah Dawson application/zip

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Subject type: Water sample; Subject species: - (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Sampling_Date Latitude Longitude sample_vol_filtered_L
SA255475SW_12_C11/12/2018 64.78 64.07 1.9
SA255476SW_12_A11/12/2018 64.78 64.07 2.25
SA255477SW_12_B11/12/2018 64.78 64.07 2.75
SA255478Sea ice_311/14/2018 NA NA NA
SA255479SW_15_B11/15/2018 64.78 64.07 2.04
SA255480SW_15_C11/15/2018 64.78 64.07 2.095
SA255481SW_15_A11/15/2018 64.78 64.07 2.2
SA255482SW_17_A11/17/2018 64.78 64.07 1.325
SA255483SW_17_B11/17/2018 64.78 64.07 1.325
SA255484SW_17_C11/17/2018 64.78 64.07 1.64
SA255485SW_19_A11/19/2018 64.78 64.07 1.04
SA255486SW_19_B11/19/2018 64.78 64.07 1.15
SA255487SW_19_C11/19/2018 64.78 64.07 1.5
SA255488Sea ice_1_A11/19/2018 NA NA 0.25
SA255489Sea ice_1_B11/19/2018 NA NA 0.5
SA255490Sea ice_1_C11/19/2018 NA NA 0.5
SA255491Meltwater_T-S_A11/20/2018 64.78 64.07 0.6
SA255492Meltwater_T-S_C11/20/2018 64.78 64.07 0.6
SA255493SW_T-S_B11/20/2018 64.78 64.07 0.62
SA255494SW_T-S_A11/20/2018 64.78 64.07 0.62
SA255495Meltwater_T-S_B11/20/2018 64.78 64.07 0.62
SA255496SW_T-S_C11/20/2018 64.78 64.07 0.78
SA255497Sea ice_211/20/2018 NA NA 0.62
SA255498Sea ice_T-S_A11/21/2018 64.78 64.07 0.44
SA255499Sea ice_T-S_C11/21/2018 64.78 64.07 0.5
SA255500Sea ice_T-S_B11/21/2018 64.78 64.07 0.58
SA255501Meltwater_A11/5/2018 64.78 64.05 0.725
SA255502Meltwater_C11/5/2018 64.78 64.05 1.02
SA255503Meltwater_B11/5/2018 64.78 64.05 1.105
SA255504SW_08_D11/8/2018 64.78 64.07 2.205
SA255505SW_08_E11/8/2018 64.78 64.07 2.54
SA255506SW_08_C11/8/2018 64.78 64.07 3
SA255507SW_08_A11/8/2018 64.78 64.07 3.1
SA255508SW_08_B11/8/2018 64.78 64.07 3.3
SA255509Smp_Ev51Slush_ANA NA NA 0.2
SA255510Blk_FilterBlk50_ANA NA NA 0.44
SA255511Blk_FilterBlk20_ANA NA NA 0.45
SA255512Blk_FilterBlk35_ANA NA NA 0.46
SA255513Blk_FilterBlkFSWB3_ANA NA NA 0.775
SA255514Blk_FilterBlkFSWB2_CNA NA NA 0.81
SA255515Blk_FilterBlkFSWB3_CNA NA NA 0.895
SA255516Blk_FilterBlkFSWB3_BNA NA NA 0.91
SA255517Blk_FilterBlkFSWB2_ANA NA NA 0.96
SA255518Blk_FilterBlkFSWB5_ANA NA NA 0.975
SA255519Blk_FilterBlkFSWEvX_ANA NA NA 1
SA255520Blk_FilterBlkFSWB2_BNA NA NA 1.055
SA255521Blk_FilterBlkFSWB5_BNA NA NA 1.15
SA255522Blk_FilterBlkFSWB5_CNA NA NA 1.42
SA255523Smp_EvXSW_ANA NA NA 1.99
SA255524Smp_Ev60SW_ANA NA NA 3
SA255525Smp_Ev15SW_ANA NA NA 3.6
SA255526Std_4uMStdsMix2InH2O_1NA NA NA NA
SA255527Std_4uMStdsMix1InMatrix_1NA NA NA NA
SA255528Std_4uMStdsMix1InMatrix_2NA NA NA NA
SA255529Std_4uMStdsMix2InMatrix_1NA NA NA NA
SA255530Std_H2OinMatrix_2NA NA NA NA
SA255531Poo_TruePooAnt18_Full2NA NA NA NA
SA255532Std_H2OinMatrix_1NA NA NA NA
SA255533Std_4uMStdsMix2InMatrix_2NA NA NA NA
SA255534Std_4uMStdsMix1InH2O_2NA NA NA NA
SA255535Std_4uMStdsMix2InH2O_2NA NA NA NA
SA255536Poo_TruePooAnt18_Full3aNA NA NA NA
SA255537Poo_TruePooAnt18_Full3NA NA NA NA
SA255538Poo_TruePooAnt18_Half2NA NA NA NA
SA255539Poo_TruePooAnt18_Full1NA NA NA NA
SA255540Poo_TruePooAnt18_Half3NA NA NA NA
SA255541Poo_TruePooAnt18_Full4NA NA NA NA
SA255542Poo_TruePooAnt18_Half1NA NA NA NA
SA255543Poo_TruePooAnt18_Half4NA NA NA NA
SA255544Poo_TruePooAnt18_Half3aNA NA NA NA
SA255545Std_4uMStdsMix1InH2O_1NA NA NA NA
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