Summary of Study ST002578

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001663. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8R72W This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST002578
Study TitleSteady State Metabolomics Study in SMARCA4 mutant(BIN-67) cells cultured in the absence of glucose or glutamine
Study Summarysteady-state abundances of all TCA cycle intermediates were more severely reduced in BIN-67 cells deprived of glutamine than those deprived of glucose
McGill University
LaboratorySidong Huang Lab
Last NameFu
First NameZheng
AddressMcIntyre Medical Sciences Building, 3655 promenade Sir-William-Osler
Submit Date2023-04-24
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)mzXML
Analysis Type DetailGC-MS
Release Date2023-05-22
Release Version1
Zheng Fu Zheng Fu application/zip

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP002686
Sampleprep Summary:Cells were washed twice in cold saline solution (NaCl, 0.9 g/l) and metabolites were extracted with 1 ml 80% ice-cold methanol (GC/MS grade). After 2 rounds 10 min sets of sonication (30 seconds on/30 seconds off at high intensity) on slurry ice using a Bioruptor UCD-200 sonicator, the homogenates were centrifuged at 14,000 × g at 4 °C for 10 min. Supernatants were collected and supplemented with internal control (800 ng myristic acid-D27) and dried in a cold vacuum centrifuge (Labconco) overnight. The dried pellets were reconstituted with 30 μL of 10 mg/mL methoxyamine-HCl in pyridine, and incubated for 30 min at room temperature. Samples were then derivatized with MTBSTFA for 30 min at 70 °C. A volume of 1 μL of sample was injected splitless with an inlet temperature of 280 oC into the GC (7890, Agilent)/MS (5975C, Agilent) instrument.