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List of Studies ( Metabolite:4-Hydroxyphenylglycine)

ST000041 High PUFA diet in humans Blood Human University of Michigan
ST000044 Pilot experiment looking for the existence of certain molecules in pancreatic cancer cells Pancreas Human Cancer University of Michigan
ST000047 Identification of altered metabolic pathways in Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment and cognitively normals using Metabolomics (CSF) Cerebrospinal fluid Human Alzheimers disease Mayo Clinic
ST000105 SCOR Metabolomics Blood Human University of Chicago
ST000106 IWMS Study 1:Weight comparison of obese and lean patients Blood Human Obesity University of Michigan
ST000239 Sexual antagonism in exuded non-volatile metabolites in C. purpureus Plant Moss University of Florida
ST000270 Metabolomics in AML Blood Human University of Florida
ST000288 Metabolomic profiling of AML Cell Lines AML cells Human University of Florida
ST000289 PPDK RNAi effects in endosperm metabolite pools Maize endosperm Maize University of Florida
ST000290 2014 Biotron Experiment Metabolites Maize kernel Maize University of Florida
ST000292 LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Plasma of Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice Blood Human University of Florida
ST000353 The Development of Metabolomic Markers in African Bermudagrass (C. transvaalensis) for Sting Nematode (Belonolaimus longicaudatus) Response Bermudagrass University of Florida
ST000424 Metabolomics Approach to Allograft Assessment in Liver Transplantation (part II) Liver Human University of Florida
ST000552 Metabolite signatures in trauma patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) Blood Human Trauma University of Florida
ST000564 2014 Biotron Experiment Metabolites (part II) Seeds Maize University of Florida
ST000572 Metabolomics of Shark Bay stromatolites Bacterial cells Bacteria University of Florida
ST000691 Metabolomics of diabetic nephropathy Blood Human Diabetes University of Michigan
ST000691 Metabolomics of diabetic nephropathy Blood Human Kidney disease University of Michigan
ST000886 Mechanism Behind Stay Green Trait in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Plant Wheat University of Florida
ST000953 Identification of putative cryoprotectant metabolites in Aphaenogaster picea Whole insect Ant Stress University of Florida
ST001122 Identification of urine metabolites in patients with interstitial cystitis using untargeted metabolomics (part II) Urine Human Interstitial cystitis University of California, Davis
ST001620 Dietary composition analysis of chow diet and purified diet using untargeted metabonomics Food item Food item China Pharmaceutical University
ST001680 Metabolome of NAFLD in high fat diet mouse model Liver Mouse Fatty liver disease Weill Cornell Medicine
ST002082 Predicting dying: a study of the metabolic changes and the dying process in patients with lung cancer Urine Human Cancer University of Liverpool Institute of Life Course & Medical Sciences
ST002179 Impact of nitisinone on the cerebrospinal fluid metabolome of a murine model of alkaptonuria Cerebrospinal fluid Mouse Genetic disease University of Liverpool Institute of Life Course & Medical Sciences