Studies involving disease:Bacterial infection

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000007Rice Infection StudyRiceUniversity of California, Davis
ST000083A Multi-Omic View of Host-Pathogen-Commensal Interplay in Salmonella-Mediated Intestinal InfectionMousePacific Northwest National Laboratory
ST000831Bile acid analysis of the germ free mouse gutMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST001034PAMP-triggered changes in the exometabolome of Arabidopsis suspension cellsArabidopsisOregon State University
ST001300Luminal metabolome profiles ofUC-HMA mice transplanted with a healthy human-derived fecal microbiota (FMT).MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST001301Luminal metabolome profiles of human microbiota-associated (HMA) mice treated with anti-IL-22 antibody or control antibodyMouseUniversity of Michigan

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