Studies involving disease:Parasitic infection

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000515Metabolomics of longitudinal plasma samples from Macaca mulatta infected with Plasmodium cynomolgi B strain.Rhesus monkeyEmory University
ST000817Dynamics of metabolism, proliferation and differentiation in Toxoplasma gondii mutants deficient in glycolysis and gluconeogenesisToxoplasma gondiiCSIR-National Chemical Laboratory
ST001304Multi-omics analysis delineates the distinct functions of sub-cellular acetyl-CoA pools in Toxoplasma gondiiToxoplasma gondiiMonash University
ST002051The apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii forms bradyzoite-containing tissue cysts that cause chronic and drug-tolerant infections.Toxoplasma gondiiRobert Koch-Institute
ST002053Resistance to NaFAc of in vitro maturated Toxoplasma gondii bradyzoites in human myotubes.Toxoplasma gondiiRobert Koch-Institute
ST002158Untargeted serum metabolomic profiling for early detection of Schistosoma mekongi infection in mouse modelMousePrincess Srisavangavadhana College of Medicine, Chulabhorn Royal Academy
ST002253Metabolomic profiles of T. spiralis-infected mouse serum at 0, 2, 4, 8 weeksMousePrincess Srisavangavadhana College of Medicine, Chulabhorn Royal Academy

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