Studies involving disease:Parkinsons disease

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST001281Transgenic Parkinson's Mice Following ImmunotherapyMouseUniversity of Florida
ST001810Metabolomics-driven identification of biochemical mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effects of pleiotrophin in a mouse model of Parkinson’s diseaseMouseCEMBIO
ST001814Searching for prognostic biomarkers of Parkinson´s Disease development in the Spanish EPIC cohort through a multiplatform metabolomics approachHumanUniversidad CEU San Pablo
ST001957Untargeted Mass Spectrometry Metabolomic Profiles of iPSC-derived Dopaminergic Neurons from Clinically Discordant Brothers with Identical PRKN DeletionsHumanVanderbilt University
ST002335Pathogenic Auxilin mutations affect lipids that are critical to Synaptojanin functionFruit flyVIB-KU Leuven
ST002389Alterations in SHH signal transduction introduce a state of hypometabolism in sporadic Parkinson's diseaseHumanHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

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