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Samples for study ST000600

Species: Rattus norvegicus (Factor headings shown in green)
mb_sample_id Subject name Sample name Treatment
SA03311880LM-01E (Vehicle control)
SA03312439LM-06E (Vehicle control)
SA03312547LM-08E (Vehicle control)
SA03312346LM-09E (Vehicle control)
SA033119111LM-10E (Vehicle control)
SA0331227LM-12E (Vehicle control)
SA03312156LM-13E (Vehicle control)
SA033115135LM-14E (Vehicle control)
SA0331175LM-15E (Vehicle control)
SA033116136LM-16E (Vehicle control)
SA033114109LM-22E (Vehicle control)
SA033113119LM-24E (Vehicle control)
SA03312040LM-31E (Vehicle control)
SA03312654LM-32E (Vehicle control)
SA03313723LM-02T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03312896LM-03T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03313616LM-05T (Treated with TPhP)
SA033130127LM-07T (Treated with TPhP)
SA033133102LM-11T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03313963LM-17T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03312794LM-19T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03313415LM-20T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03313172LM-21T (Treated with TPhP)
SA033129101LM-25T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03314061LM-26T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03313522LM-27T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03313832LM-28T (Treated with TPhP)
SA033132128LM-29T (Treated with TPhP)
SA03314171LM-30T (Treated with TPhP)