Protocol 347: Metabolomics_LCMSProtocol.pdf

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File ID347
File NameMetabolomics_LCMSProtocol.pdf
Metabolite ClassBroad spectrum
Sample TypeBlood (plasma)
ProcessProtein precipitation
InstituteUniversity of Florida
SubmitterTim Garrett
Date Submitted2015-06-15
CommentsGlobal Metabolomic Profiling

Studies that use this protocol

Study ID Study Title Species Institute Analysis
ST000239Sexual antagonism in exuded non-volatile metabolites in C. purpureus Ceratodon purpurues University of Florida MS
ST000244Metabolomic Diagnosis in Horse Equus caballus University of Florida MS
ST000248Metabolic heterogeneity in Glioblastoma Homo sapiens University of Florida MS
ST000307Targeting CRBN to alter CD8 T cell metabolism Mus musculus University of Florida MS
ST000353The Development of Metabolomic Markers in African Bermudagrass (C. transvaalensis) for Sting Nematode (Belonolaimus longicaudatus) Response C. transvaalensis University of Florida MS
ST000446Heterologous expression and detection of Apratoxins in E. coli Escherichia coli University of Florida MS

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