Protocol 648: GMetabolomics_LCMS_Protocol_092117.pdf

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File ID648
File NameGMetabolomics_LCMS_Protocol_092117.pdf
Metabolite ClassInsect Aphaenogaster picea
Sample TypeWhole tissue
ProcessSample prep
InstituteUniversity of Florida
SubmitterSarah Cahan
Date Submitted2018-04-11

Studies that use this protocol

Study ID Study Title Species Institute Analysis
ST000919Investigating Eicosanoids Implications on the Blood Pressure Response to Thiazide Diuretics Homo sapiens University of Florida MS
ST000953Identification of putative cryoprotectant metabolites in Aphaenogaster picea Aphaenogaster picea University of Florida MS
ST000955Effects of ODC inhibition on T cell metabolism Mus musculus University of Florida MS
ST000956Determine metabolomics signatures important for the ability of Streptococus gallolyticus to promote colon cancer cell proliferation Homo sapiens University of Florida MS
ST000957Global metabolomics of human milk fractions Homo sapiens University of Florida MS