Metabolite Reference Standards and Reagents:

Carbamoyl phosphate

Compound Nomination ID70
Common NameCarbamoyl phosphate
IUPAC Namephosphono carbamate
Isotopic Label TypeC-13, N-15
Synonymscarbamoylphosphate Carbamoyl phosphate CHEBI:17672 aminocarbonyl dihydrogen phosphate carbamoyl-P carbamyl-phosphate carbamoyl-phosphate PHOSPHORIC ACID MONO(FORMAMIDE)ESTER 590-55-6 phosphono carbamate Carbamoylphosphic acid monocarbamoyl phosphate AC1L18VP Carbamic acid, monoanhydride with phosphoric acid carbamoyl dihydrogen phosphate AC1Q68Q7 CHEMBL369105 carbamic phosphoric monoanhydride HMDB01096 AR-1I1746 DNC004912 AKOS006341689 carbamic acid monoanhydride with phosphorate C00169 carbamic acid monoanhydride with phosphoric acid
PubChem ID278
Metabolite Standards Synthesis Core (MSSC)RTI

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* This non-target unlabelled compound was analyzed by chromatographic and spectral methods as appropriate but was not certified by GLP protocols.
 One of more compounds were approved for synthesis based on this nomination. Click the common name for details.
 This compound was approved for synthesis based on the nomination of a different compound, or a nomination that was not specific.