Metabolite Reference Standards and Reagents: Overview

As part of the NIH Common Fund's Metabolomics Program, the Metabolite Standards Synthesis Cores (MSSCs) — RTI International and SRI International — aim to synthesize and provide compounds to aid metabolite identification and quantification in the form of stable isotope-enriched standards and derivatizing reagents that are not readily commercially available.

Several compounds have been synthesized and are now available for shipment.

Please note that this program has ended. The Metabolite Standards Synthesis Cores (MSSCs) are shipping out the remaining inventory, but will not be making more. We are furthermore no longer accepting nominations for new syntheses.

You may request compounds via the links below, but note that some are no longer available.

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Metabolomics Workbench Standards Feedback

We invite you to send us your feedback related to metabolite reference standards and reagents.

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