Metabolomics Events Calendar

The events listed here include meetings of all types — seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences, and congresses — that may be of interest to anyone interested in metabolomics.

August, 2018

2018 International Summer Sessions in Metabolomics

August 13-24, 2018
University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, USA

The West Coast Metabolomics Center organizes an instructional course for researchers who need a deeper and broader understanding in the field of Metabolomics. This course will span 12 days from August 13-24, 2018.

In order to serve the group interests best and have interesting open discussions we have a small class of 22 participants. The participants come always from all over the world and have a very diverse research background.

The course will include:

  • study design, including pitfall analysis and hidden biases in studies from microbial, plant, mouse and human cohort research
  • sample preparation and quality control
  • in-laboratory detailed discussions standard operating procedures for GC-MS and LC-MS data acquisitions
  • targeted metabolomics, including monitoring charts and use of isotope labeled internal standards
  • exercises on flux analysis in cancer cells by isotope tracer analysis
  • exercises on identification of unknowns by cheminformatics software workflows (incl CFM-ID, MassFrontier, MS-Finder, CSI:FingerID and various databases and small software routines)
  • untargeted data processing and exercises on MS-DIAL software , with comparisons to MZmine and XCMS
  • data normalizations and transformations with and without internal standards and Quality Controls
  • multivariate and univariate statistics (incl MetaboAnalyst and other software such as Metabox)
  • pathway mapping (incl MetaboAnalyst and MetaMapR)

September, 2018

Introduction to Metabolomics for the Environmental Scientist

Jan 30-31, 2018 and Sept 27-28, 2018
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

This 2-day NERC-funded Advanced Training Short Course will provide environmental scientists with an overview of the metabolomics pipeline. The course is intended for environmental scientist with little or no previous experience of metabolomics and who are interested to discover how this relatively new and powerful approach could be integrated into their research. Experts working in the NERC Metabolomics facility-NBAF-Birmingham will teach the course.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to environmental metabolomics with case studies
  • Experimental design and quality control
  • Sample collection and preparation
  • Overview of analytical laboratory techniques (mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy)
  • Overview of data processing and statistics for metabolomics
  • Introduction to metabolite identification

The course also includes short practical demonstrations and a tour of the NBAF-Birmingham facilities. Importantly, there is time dedicated to discussing proposed metabolomics studies of the attendees and how to apply to NBAF-Birmingham for assistance in performing your metabolomics studies.

Level: The course is aimed at individuals with no previous experience of metabolomics.

April, 2019

ASBMB Annual Meeting

April 6-10, 2019
Orlando, FL, USA

April, 2020

ASBMB Annual Meeting

April 4-8, 2020
San Diego, CA, USA