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Check the experimental factors of this study in the table below. The first column is grouped (combined) factors and subsequent columns are individual factors

combined_factorstreatmentpool aliquot
1treatment:Basal | pool aliquot:noBasal no
2treatment:Basal | pool aliquot:yesBasal yes
3treatment:DCIS | pool aliquot:noDCIS no
4treatment:DCIS | pool aliquot:yesDCIS yes
5treatment:HER2 | pool aliquot:noHER2 no
6treatment:HER2 | pool aliquot:yesHER2 yes
7treatment:LumA | pool aliquot:noLumA no
8treatment:LumA | pool aliquot:yesLumA yes
9treatment:LumB | pool aliquot:noLumB no
10treatment:LumB | pool aliquot:yesLumB yes
11treatment:Reduction | pool aliquot:noReduction no
12treatment:Reduction | pool aliquot:yesReduction yes
13treatment:Total Pool1 | pool aliquot:yesTotal Pool1 yes
14treatment:Total Pool2 | pool aliquot:yesTotal Pool2 yes

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