Metabolomics Databases

Metabolomics Workbench Metabolite Database

The Metabolomics Workbench Metabolite Database contains structures and annotations of biologically relevant metabolites. The database contains about 167,000 entries, collected from public sources such as LIPID MAPS, ChEBI, HMDB, BMRB, PubChem, NP Atlas and KEGG.

Human Metabolome Gene/Protein Database (MGP)

The Human Metabolome Gene/Protein Database (MGP) of metabolome-related genes and proteins contains data for over 7300 genes and over 15,500 proteins.

RefMet: A Reference list of Metabolite names

The main objective of RefMet is to provide a standardized reference nomenclature for both discrete metabolite structures and metabolite species identified by spectroscopic techniques in metabolomics experiments - an essential prerequisite for the ability to compare and contrast metabolite data across different experiments and studies. To this end, a list of over 300,000 names from a set of over 1,700 MS and NMR studies on the Metabolomics Workbench has been used as a starting point to generate a highly curated analytical chemistry-centric list of common names for metabolite structures and isobaric species.