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Download data matrix(Metabolomic study of disease progression in scrapie prion infected (RML) mice NMR data)

NMR data82574Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82576Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82592Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82595Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82805Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82806Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82807Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82808Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82577Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82586Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82587Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82588Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82589Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82621Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82624Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82646Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82861Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82863Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82864Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82590Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82591Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82607Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82608Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82650Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82659Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82660Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82579Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82580Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82581Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82655Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82656Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82657Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82582Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82583Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82584Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82585Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82597Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82598Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82658Inocula:NBH | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82615Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82616Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82617Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82634Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82635Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82641Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82642Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82644Inocula:RML | Timepoint:120 dpiuM
NMR data82612Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82613Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82661Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82662Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82663Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82664Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82665Inocula:RML | Timepoint:150 dpiuM
NMR data82609Inocula:RML | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82610Inocula:RML | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82611Inocula:RML | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82625Inocula:RML | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82652Inocula:RML | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82653Inocula:RML | Timepoint:30 dpiuM
NMR data82628Inocula:RML | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82629Inocula:RML | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82630Inocula:RML | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82636Inocula:RML | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82637Inocula:RML | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82638Inocula:RML | Timepoint:60 dpiuM
NMR data82618Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82619Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82631Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82632Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82633Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82639Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM
NMR data82640Inocula:RML | Timepoint:90 dpiuM