ST000054 Metabolic Microenvironments in Normal Breast and Breast Cancer (MS analysis)
Limit by pathway class:
   Minimum # of metabolites per pathway:

Pathway name (# of metabolites detected in this study)HMDB pathwayKEGG pathway
Alanine Metabolism (2) SMP0000055 map00250
Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid Metabolism (1) SMP0000018 map00592
Amino Sugar Metabolism (1) SMP0000045 map00520
Ammonia Recycling (5) SMP0000009 map00910
Arachidonic Acid Metabolism (1) SMP0000075 map00590
Arginine and Proline Metabolism (6) SMP0000020 map00330
Aspartate Metabolism (4) SMP0000067 map00250
beta-Alanine Metabolism (3) SMP0000007 map00410
Beta Oxidation of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000052 map01040
Bile Acid Biosynthesis (2) SMP0000035 map00120
Biotin Metabolism (1) SMP0000066 map00780
Carnitine Synthesis (2) SMP0000465 -
Citric Acid Cycle (3) SMP0000057 map00020
Cysteine Metabolism (2) SMP0000013 map00270
D-Arginine and D-Ornithine Metabolism (1) SMP0000036 map00472
Fatty Acid Biosynthesis (5) SMP0000456 -
Fatty Acid Elongation in Mitochondria (1) SMP0000054 map00062
Fatty Acid Metabolism (1) SMP0000051 map00071
Folate Metabolism (1) SMP0000053 map00670
Fructose and Mannose Degradation (1) SMP0000064 map00051
Galactose Metabolism (2) SMP0000043 map00052
Gluconeogenesis (2) SMP0000128 map00010
Glucose-Alanine Cycle (2) SMP0000127 -
Glutamate Metabolism (4) SMP0000072 map00250
Glutathione Metabolism (2) SMP0000015 map00480
Glycerolipid Metabolism (4) SMP0000039 map00561
Glycine and Serine Metabolism (5) SMP0000004 map00260
Histidine Metabolism (1) SMP0000044 map00340
Homocysteine Degradation (2) SMP0000455 -
Lysine Degradation (3) SMP0000037 map00310
Malate-Aspartate Shuttle (4) SMP0000129 -
Methionine Metabolism (2) SMP0000033 map00270
Mitochondrial Beta-Oxidation of Long Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000482 -
Mitochondrial Beta-Oxidation of Medium Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000481 -
Nicotinate and Nicotinamide Metabolism (1) SMP0000048 map00760
Oxidation of Branched Chain Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000030 -
Oxidation of Branched-Chain Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000030 -
Phenylalanine and Tyrosine Metabolism (2) SMP0000008 map00360
Phosphatidylethanolamine Biosynthesis (2) SMP0029731 -
Phytanic Acid Peroxisomal Oxidation (1) SMP0000450 -
Plasmalogen Synthesis (2) SMP0000479 -
Propanoate Metabolism (4) SMP0000016 map00640
Purine Metabolism (2) SMP0000050 map00230
Pyruvate Metabolism (1) SMP0000060 map00620
Selenoamino Acid Metabolism (2) SMP0000029 map00450
Sphingolipid Metabolism (2) SMP0000034 map00600
Steroid Biosynthesis (2) SMP0000023 map00100
Steroidogenesis (1) SMP0000130 map00140
Threonine and 2-Oxobutanoate Degradation (2) SMP0000452 -
Transfer of Acetyl Groups into Mitochondria (2) SMP0000466 -
Tryptophan Metabolism (2) SMP0000063 map00380
Tyrosine Metabolism (3) SMP0000006 map00350
Urea Cycle (4) SMP0000059 map00330
Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine Degradation (4) SMP0000032 map00280
Warburg Effect (4) SMP0000654 -