ST000723 Analysis of SCFA in the fecal matter of wt and Orai1kO mice
Limit by pathway class:
   Minimum # of metabolites per pathway:

Pathway name (# of metabolites detected in this study)HMDB pathwayKEGG pathway
Amino Sugar Metabolism (1) SMP0000045 map00520
Aspartate Metabolism (1) SMP0000067 map00250
Butyrate Metabolism (1) SMP0000073 map00650
Ethanol Degradation (1) SMP0000449 -
Fatty Acid Biosynthesis (4) SMP0000456 -
Mitochondrial Beta-Oxidation of Short Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000480 -
Propanoate Metabolism (1) SMP0000016 map00640
Pyruvate Metabolism (1) SMP0000060 map00620
Vitamin K Metabolism (1) SMP0000464 -