MetStat: Generate Metabolite report for studies on the Metabolomics Workbench

Tables of metabolites (identified by RefMet name) show the number of unique studies containing that metabolite along with the median value of the relative standard deviation (RSD) across all those studies. (RSD=100*Std.Deviation/mean). RSD is first calculated for each experimental condition within each analysis to assess the variance across sample replicates.
The RefMet metabolite names are mapped to the MW classification system and displayed as "Main class" and "Sub class". Rows are also color-coded based on 11 top-level classification groups: Amino acids/peptides, Glycerolipids, Fatty acyls, Terpenoids, Sugars, Phospholipids, Sterols, Sphingolipids, Nucleic acids, Flavonoids and "Others".
ANOVA p-values and FDR-corrected values are calculated for each metabolite and each distinct experimental condition in every analysis.
RefMet metabolite names are hyperlinked to the molecular structures in the MW database and to the relevant biochemical pathways in HMDB and KEGG (where applicable)

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