Studies involving disease:Asthma

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000406Noninvasive Recognition and Biomarkers of Early Allergic Asthma in Cats using Multivariate Statistics of NMR Spectra of Exhaled Breath CondensateCatUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
ST000604Impact Of High Sugar Diet On L-Arginine Metabolism In The Lung (part II)MouseUniversity of California, Davis
ST000843Statin Immuno-Metabolomics in Asthma (part I)Rhesus monkeyUniversity of California, Davis
ST000844Statin Immuno-Metabolomics in Asthma (part II)Rhesus monkeyUniversity of California, Davis
ST000845Statin Immuno-Metabolomics in Asthma (part III)Rhesus monkeyUniversity of California, Davis
ST000846Statin Immuno-Metabolomics in Asthma (part IV)Rhesus monkeyUniversity of California, Davis
ST000847Statin Immuno-Metabolomics in Asthma (part V)Rhesus monkeyUniversity of California, Davis
ST000954Explore Metabolites and Pathways Associated Increased Airway Hyperresponsiveness in AsthmaHumanUniversity of Florida
ST001004Denver Asthma Panel Study-CHEAR Ancillary StudyHumanEmory University
ST001039Denver Asthma Panel Study-CHEAR Ancillary Study (part II)HumanEmory University
ST001048Pediatric Inner-City Environmental Exposures at School and Home and Asthma StudyHumanIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
ST001143Microbial depletion and ozone exposure - Lung tissue (part I)MouseHarvard School of Public Health
ST001144Microbial depletion and ozone exposure - serum (part II)MouseHarvard School of Public Health
ST001171Metabolomics of World Trade Center Exposed New York City FirefightersHumanNew York University
ST001317Dynamics of Exposure, Phthalates, and Asthma in a Randomized Trial (DEPART)HumanIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
ST001325Obesity and Poor Diet as Susceptibility Factors for Secondhand Smoke in Childhood AsthmaHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST002251Untargeted metabolomics on plasma from children with asthma, comparing exacerbation-prone to non-exacerbation-proneHumanEmory University
ST002438Ozone alters glycosphingolipid metabolism and exacerbates characteristics of asthma in miceMouseUniversity of California, Davis

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