Studies involving sample source:Blood

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000004Lipidomics studies on NIDDK / NIST human plasma samplesHumanLIPID MAPS
ST000017Rat HCR/LCR Stamina StudyRatUniversity of Michigan
ST000031Metabolomics Involved in Early Life Antibiotic Exposures(TranSTAT-Serum)MouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000034Metabolomics Involved in Early Life Antibiotic Exposures(NOD-Serum)MouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000036Metabolomics Involved in Early Life Antibiotic Exposures(EstroSTAT-Serum)MouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000041High PUFA diet in humansHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000045Plasma metabolomics: Comparison of non-diabetic controls with T1D patientsHumanMayo Clinic
ST000046Identification of altered metabolic pathways in Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment and cognitively normals using Metabolomics (plasma)HumanMayo Clinic
ST000048Metabolomic & lipidomic profiles in response to exogenous insulin & GLP-1 infusions during prolonged fasting (GCMS)SealUniversity of California, Davis
ST000051Fetal metabolomic signature of exposure to iAs during pregnancyHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000062Biomarkers for Depression in Human Plasma in a Population SampleHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000075Combined Metabolomics and Lipidomics of Type 1 Diabetes (QTOF)MouseUniversity of California, Davis
ST000082Metabolic Profiling of Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue from Colorectal Cancer Patients: UHPLC-QTOF MS analyis of serum samplesHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000090Caloric Restriction vs drugsMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000091Quantitative Metabolomics by 1H-NMR and LC-MS/MS Confirms Altered Metabolic Pathways in DiabetesHumanMayo Clinic
ST000099NMR analysis of DMD mouse serumMouseUniversity of Florida
ST000104Factors for Epigenetic Silencing of Lung Cancer GenesHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000105SCOR MetabolomicsHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000106IWMS Study 1:Weight comparison of obese and lean patientsHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000107Metabolomic and lipidomic profiles in response to exogenous insulin and GLP-1 infusions during prolonged fastingSealUniversity of California, Davis
ST000120Disruption of Zinc homeostasis can impair maternal glucocorticoid metabolism: consequences on the developing fetusRatUniversity of California, Davis
ST000121Impact of anesthesia and euthanasia on metabolomics of mammalian tissues: studies in a C57BL/6J mouse modelMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000122Perinatal DDT causes dysfunctional lipid metabolism underlying metabolic syndromeHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000136NIST lipidomics intralaboratory studyHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000137Metabolomics in sarcoidosisHumanWayne State University
ST000138Targeted LC MS of acylcarnitines: TLCMSHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000158Human fecal bile acid profiles before and after fecal transplantHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000161Plasma Nucleotide/adenosine concentrations (Human AxP Batch 3)HumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000166Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Induces Adaptive Metabolic Transitions in the Metabolomic Profile of Heart FailureHumanMayo Clinic
ST000168Effect of Insulin Sensitizer Therapy on Amino Acids and Their MetabolitesHumanMayo Clinic
ST000169Baby Mice Hyperoxia treatment (G64-N.H-7d14d)MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000188Murine apyraseMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000191SCFA in HypertensionRatUniversity of Michigan
ST000206Mice inoculation with human microbiota (AMY1.1SCFA)MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000223Metabolic Aberrations in Barth SyndromeHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000226Metabolomics Reveals that Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation by Environmental Chemicals Induces Systemic Metabolic Dysfunction in Mice (Part I)MousePennsylvania State University
ST000228Analysis of Dried Blood Spots by MALDI-MSHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000229Analysis of Dried Blood Spots by Paper Spray Ionization - MSHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000237Quick Comparison of Serum Metabolites in SD Rats of Different Sex by Untargeted UPLC-TOFMS and In-house Software PlatformRatBeijing Institute of Radiation Medicine
ST000244Metabolomic Diagnosis in HorseHorseUniversity of Florida
ST000250The Role of Obesity and Adipocytes in Immune Activation on Antiretroviral TherapyHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000253NIH WCMC Pilot & Feasibility Project: “Metabolomics of Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension”RatUniversity of California, Davis
ST000254The role of microbial metabolites in experimental liver diseaseMouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000257NIH WCMC Pilot & Feasibility Project: “Metabolite changes associated with weight loss”MouseUniversity of California, Davis
ST000270Metabolomics in AMLHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000283Plasma Nucleotide/adenosine concentrations (Human AxP Batch 4)HumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000284Colorectal Cancer Detection Using Targeted Serum Metabolic ProfilingHumanUniversity of Washington
ST000285NMR-based Metabolomics for CRC DiagnosisHumanUniversity of Washington
ST000292LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Plasma of Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple JuiceHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000296Chronic mild stress and Lactobacillus experiments on miceMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000299Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) study in LDLR-/- miceMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000305Pig Athersclerosis ModelPigUniversity of North Carolina
ST000306Metabolomics Approach to Identify Molecules and Pathways Involved in the Development of Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery DiseaseHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000310TC and B6 untreated plasma in lupus-prone mice lipidomics (part-II)MouseUniversity of Florida
ST000311TC and B6 untreated plasma in lupus-prone miceMouseUniversity of Florida
ST000315Metabolomics and Childhood Obesity: A Pilot and Feasibility Study With Multiple Phenotypic AnchorsHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000316Comparison of Metabolites Variation and Antiobesity Effects of a Mixture of Cudrania tricuspidata, Lonicera caerulea, and the Soybean According to Fermentation in vitro and in vivoMouseKonkuk university
ST000322Progesterone level effects on primary metabolites in uterus, blood, and ovaries (Part 1:Plasma)CowUniversity of California, Davis
ST000325Metabolomic effects of metformin on mouse liver, intestine, and serumMouseUniversity of California, Davis
ST000338Gut microbiome-derived metabolites modulate intestinal epithelial cell damage and mitigate graft-versus-host diseaseMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000343Modification of metabolites by gut microbiota in response to dietRatUniversity of California, Davis
ST000350Metabolomic analysis on samples from rats expressing human amylin (plasma).RatDuke University
ST000355GC/MS and LC/MS metabolomics profiling for breast cancer plasma data and control plasma dataHumanUniversity of Hawaii
ST000356GC/MS and LC/MS metabolomics profiling for breast cancer serum data and control serum dataHumanUniversity of Hawaii
ST000362Associations between 69 Sphingolipids and Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Exacerbations, and FEV1/FVCHumanNational Jewish Health
ST000364Metabolomics Profiling of NEST Cord Blood PlasmaHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000368Investigation of metabolomic blood biomarkers for detection of adenocarcinoma lung cancerHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000369Investigation of metabolomic blood biomarkers for detection of adenocarcinoma lung cancer (part II)HumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000374Mice exercise metabolomics (part I)MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000375Mice exercise metabolomics (part II)MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000383Plasma Metabolomic Profiles Reflective of Glucose Homeostasis in Non-Diabetic and Type 2 Diabetic Obese African-American WomenHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000385Investigation of metabolomic blood biomarkers for detection of adenocarcinoma lung cancer (training set)HumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000386Investigation of metabolomic blood biomarkers for detection of adenocarcinoma lung cancer (test/validation)HumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000387Changes in the metabalome and lipidome in response to exercise trainingHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000388Serum phosphatidylethanolamine levels distinguish benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules and represent a potential diagnostic biomarker for lung cancer (part I)HumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000389Serum phosphatidylethanolamine levels distinguish benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules and represent a potential diagnostic biomarker for lung cancer (part II)HumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000392Systemic Metabolomic Changes in Blood Samples of Lung Cancer Patients Identified by Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass SpectrometryHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000396Lung Cancer Plasma DiscoveryHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000397Long-term neural and physiological phenotyping of a single humanHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000405Metabolomic Profiling in Early Pregnancy using Pre-Diagnostic Sera from Women Who Developed Placental AbruptionHumanRTI International
ST000417Controlled Human Exposure to Particulate Matter (PM) and Gaseous Co-PollutantsHumanRTI International
ST000421Type 1 Diabetes poor glycemic control versus control samplesHumanMayo Clinic
ST000422Type 1 Diabetes good glycemic control and controls samplesHumanMayo Clinic
ST000432Quantitative measurements of vitamin D in T1D poor control, good control, and controls.HumanMayo Clinic
ST000433Plasma sphingolipid changes with autopsy-confirmed Lewy body or Alzheimer's pathologyHumanMayo Clinic
ST000434Quantitative measurements of free fatty acid in T1D poor control, good control, and controls.HumanMayo Clinic
ST000435Quantitative measurements of amino acids in T1D poor control, good control, and controls.HumanMayo Clinic
ST000439Characterizing commonalities and differences between the breast and prostate cancer metabotypes in African-American cohortsHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000440Metabotypes of Subjects with Adverse Reactions Following VaccinationHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000443Quantitative measurements of TCA cycle metabolites in T1D poor control, good control, and controls.HumanMayo Clinic
ST000450Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndromeHumanUniversity of California, San Diego
ST000452The alpha-1A adrenergic receptor agonist A61603 reduces cardiac polyunsaturated fatty acid-Serum raw dataMouseUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
ST000456Metabolomic changes during active immunization with anti-METH vaccines.RatUniversity of North Carolina
ST000457Metabolomics of Mice Cohousing and Microbiota TransferMouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000464Transpulmonary metabolomics in pulmonary arterial hypertensionHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000476Metabolomic analysis of oxytocin effects on social deficits in mice (part IV)MouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000477A metabolomics approach to document compliance with long-term almond consumptionHumanPurdue University
ST000481Metabolomics of Mice Cohousing and Microbiota Transfer (part II)MouseUniversity of North Carolina
ST000483Amino Acid Quantifcation of obese patients on a 16 week caloric restriction from PlasmaHumanMayo Clinic
ST000485D2 Glucose Quantifcation of obese patients on a 16 week caloric restriction from plasmaHumanMayo Clinic

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