Studies involving sample source:Placenta

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000120Disruption of Zinc homeostasis can impair maternal glucocorticoid metabolism: consequences on the developing fetusRatUniversity of California, Davis
ST000415Toxicokinetics and Metabolomic Disrupting of the Flame Retardant Mixture Firemaster 550RatUniversity of North Carolina
ST000751Mouse placentas-DEHP exposureMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST001038Global Metabolomics of the Placenta Reveals Distinct Metabolic Profiles between Maternal and Fetal Placental Tissues Following Delivery in Non-Labored WomenHumanUniversity of Florida
ST001310C57 midgestation placental metabolomics analysisMouseUniversity of Missouri
ST001448Maternal Hypercortisolemia alters placental metabolism: NMR metabolomicsSheepUniversity of Florida
ST002151Integrative Exposomic, Transcriptomic, Epigenomic Analyses of Human Placental Samples Links Understudied Chemicals to PreeclampsiaHumanEPA

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