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Samples for study ST000737

Species: Mus musculus (Factor headings shown in green)
mb_sample_id Subject name Sample name Treatment
SA041113SU0015592S00024015apoptotic cells for 2hrs
SA041112SU0015592S00024016apoptotic cells for 2hrs
SA041111SU0015592S00024017apoptotic cells for 2hrs
SA041116SU0015592S00024020ko treated with apoptotic cells 2hrs
SA041114SU0015592S00024021ko treated with apoptotic cells 2hrs
SA041115SU0015592S00024022ko treated with apoptotic cells 2hrs
SA041117SU0015592S00024018ko untreated
SA041118SU0015592S00024019ko untreated