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MW structure1966 (View MW Metabolite Database details)
RefMet nameSuccinic acid
Systematic nameButanedioic acid
Exact mass118.026610 (neutral)
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FormulaC4H6O4View other entries in RefMet with this formula
InChIKeyKDYFGRWQOYBRFD-UHFFFAOYSA-NView other enantiomers/diastereomers of this metabolite in RefMet
Super ClassOrganic acids
Main ClassTCA acids
Sub ClassTCA acids
Pubchem CID1110
Annotation level1   (1:Known structure; 2:Known regiochemistry; 3:Partial structure; 4:Sum-composition)
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Table of KEGG reactions in human pathways involving Succinic acid

Rxn IDKEGG ReactionEnzyme
R00727 ITP + Succinate + CoA <=> IDP + Orthophosphate + Succinyl-CoASuccinate:CoA ligase (IDP-forming)
R00714 Succinate semialdehyde + NADP+ + H2O <=> Succinate + NADPH + H+succinate-semialdehyde:NADP+ oxidoreductase
R10660 Fumarate + Coenzyme M + Coenzyme B <=> Succinate + Coenzyme M 7-mercaptoheptanoylthreonine-phosphate heterodisulfidefumarate CoM:CoB oxidoreductase (succinate forming)
R00713 Succinate semialdehyde + NAD+ + H2O <=> Succinate + NADH + H+succinate-semialdehyde:NAD+ oxidoreductase
R00432 GTP + Succinate + CoA <=> GDP + Orthophosphate + Succinyl-CoASuccinate:CoA ligase (GDP-forming)
R00402 Succinate + NAD+ <=> Fumarate + NADH + H+succinate:NAD+ oxidoreductase
R00405 ATP + Succinate + CoA <=> ADP + Orthophosphate + Succinyl-CoASuccinate:CoA ligase (ADP-forming)
R02164 Quinone + Succinate <=> Hydroquinone + Fumaratesuccinate:quinone oxidoreductase
R10343 Succinyl-CoA + Acetate <=> Acetyl-CoA + Succinatesuccinyl-CoA:acetate CoA-transferase

Table of KEGG human pathways containing Succinic acid

Pathway IDHuman Pathway# of reactions
hsa00020 Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) 2
hsa00640 Propanoate metabolism 2
hsa00250 Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism 1
hsa00650 Butanoate metabolism 1