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MB Sample ID: SA013126

Local Sample ID:scf_02-M2
Subject ID:SU000307
Subject Type:Animal
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090
Animal Animal Supplier:Jackson Lab
Animal Housing:McKnight Brain Institute, UF
Animal Light Cycle:12 hr light/12 hr dark
Animal Feed:ad libtum
Animal Water:ad libtum
Animal Inclusion Criteria:males only
Species Group:Mammal

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Collection ID:CO000301
Collection Summary:Muscles extracted under isoflurane, snap frozen with liquid nitrogen, stored at -80C
Collection Protocol Comments:L3-190
Sample Type:Muscle
Collection Method:muscle extraction, frozen
Collection Location:UF, musle physiology laboratory
Collection Frequency:once/mouse
Collection Duration:Total ~5 min
Collection Time:no dose
Volumeoramount Collected:entire muscles extracted
Storage Conditions:-80C freezer
Collection Vials:2 ml vials
Storage Vials:2 ml vials
Collection Tube Temp:-80C
Blood Serum Or Plasma:none
Tissue Cell Identification:none
Tissue Cell Quantity Taken:none