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MB Sample ID: SA018749

Local Sample ID:140619dlvsa06_2
Subject ID:SU000416
Subject Type:Cells
Subject Species:Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942
Taxonomy ID:1140
Species Group:Microorganism

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Collection ID:CO000410
Collection Summary:Bacteria were grown in a turbidostat/bioreactor at equal cell density (measured by optical density at 750nm), under a 12:12h Light/Dark cycle. After collection samples were immediately placed on ice and then centrifuged at 5000RPM for 10min at ­4 degrees Celsius. After centrifugation supernatant was decanted and cell pellets were immediately frozen in liquid N2.
Collection Protocol Filename:StudyDesign-SpencerDiamond-10814.pdF
Sample Type:Bacterial cells
Collection Time:Samples were collected at T0 (beginning of day) and T4 (4h into day).
Volumeoramount Collected:40ml of sample was collected at each time point
Storage Conditions:Samples were put into a 50mL conical tube containing ice up to the 30ml mark.