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MB Sample ID: SA127944

Local Sample ID:9017-3-SC
Subject ID:SU001594
Subject Type:Human
Subject Species:Homo sapiens
Taxonomy ID:9606
Age Or Age Range:20-60
Weight Or Weight Range:BMI range: 20-35
Gender:Male and female
Human Race:White; American Indian/Alaskan Native; Black/African American
Human Ethnicity:Hispanic or Latino; Non-Hispanic or Latino
Human Trial Type:Intervention trial
Human Exclusion Criteria:Key exclusion criteria included inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, or other chronic intestinal disorders; prior bowel resection surgery other than appendectomy; baseline bowel frequency less than every 2 days or greater than 3 times daily; creatinine concentration greater than the upper limit of normal; diabetes mellitus; currently smoking; body mass index (BMI) <18.5 or >35; and use of antibiotics and probiotics in the prior 6 months

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Collection ID:CO001589
Collection Summary:The first stool sample of each day of the inpatient groups was collected, aliquoted and frozen immediately at -80oC. Blood was collected on days 1, 5, 9, 12 and 15 from which plasma aliquots were immediately isolated and frozen at -80oC. The outpatient participants following the vegan diet also had blood collected on days 1, 5, 9, 12, and 15 from which plasma aliquots were immediately isolated and frozen at -80oC. Among these participants, the first stool of the day was collected at home daily and kept on ice packs until it was brought to the research unit where it could be aliquoted and frozen. Samples from vegans were received for aliquoting within 24 hours and on average within 4 hours (Wu et al., 2010). Day 0 stool was not collected from vegans since their diet did not change. The aliquoted amounts for all samples ranged from 500 mg to 1 g. The aliquots were taken from different areas of the sample. Remaining sample was then collected into one residual 50 ml conical tube with a tongue depressor. Any remaining stool was discarded. The University of Pennsylvania Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved the research protocol.
Sample Type:Feces
Storage Conditions:-80℃