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MB Sample ID: SA218459

Local Sample ID:KO1R
Subject ID:SU002366
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090

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Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN003724
Analysis type MS
Chromatography type GC
Chromatography system Agilent 7890B
Column Agilent DB5-MS (30m x 0.25mm, 0.25um)
MS Type EI
MS instrument type QTOF
MS instrument name Agilent 7250 GC/Q-TOF
Units relative abundance


MS ID:MS003472
Analysis ID:AN003724
Instrument Name:Agilent 7250 GC/Q-TOF
Instrument Type:QTOF
MS Type:EI
MS Comments:The EI source was operated at 70 eV whereas the mass spectrometer operated in the scan mode over a mass range of m/z 50–600. Metabolite deconvolution and identification were carried out using Agilent MassHunter Unknowns Analysis version B.07.00, then, data was aligned in Agilent Mass Profiler Professional version B.12.1 and exported to Agilent MassHunter Quantitative Analysis version B.07.00. Metabolites were identified by comparing their retention time, retention index and mass fragmentation patterns with those available in an in-house library including both the NIST mass spectral database (version 2017) and Fiehn RTL library (version 2008). The different derivatives that were generated from the silylated compounds were unified by summing the abundance of all derivatives from the same metabolite. Finally, the median relative area of the two analytical replicates of the same sample was computed and used for subsequent statistical analysis.
Analysis Protocol File:Protocol_AM.pdf