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MB Sample ID: SA256888

Local Sample ID:OUHSCPD-48
Subject ID:SU002656
Subject Type:Cultured cells
Subject Species:Homo sapiens
Taxonomy ID:9606
Cell Biosource Or Supplier:SNU3297 and SNU3298, and patient-derived ovarian cancer cells, A#5, A#8, A#39 were from Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea. Patient-derived ovarian cancer cells, ASC110515, ASC102315, ASC061616, ASC060915, ASC062915B and ASC011215 were from Stephenson Cancer Center, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
Cell Passage Number:3 to 5
Cell Counts:20 million cells

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP002662
Sampleprep Summary:Samples were prepared using the automated MicroLab STARĀ® system from Hamilton Company. Several recovery standards were added prior to the first step in the extraction process for QC purposes. In order to dissociate small molecules bound to or trapped in proteins, lysate was precipitated with methanol under vigorous shaking for 2 min (Glen Mills GenoGrinder 2000) followed by centrifugation. The resulting extract was divided into five fractions: two for analysis by two separate reverse phase (RP)/UPLC-MS/MS methods with positive ion mode electrospray ionization (ESI), one for analysis by RP/UPLC-MS/MS with negative ion mode ESI, one for analysis by HILIC/UPLC-MS/MS with negative ion mode ESI, and one sample was reserved for backup. Samples were placed briefly on a TurboVapĀ® (Zymark) to remove the organic solvent. The sample extracts were stored overnight under nitrogen before preparation for analysis.