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MB Sample ID: SA273876

Local Sample ID:16
Subject ID:SU002829
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090

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Treatment ID:TR002838
Treatment Summary:At baseline (T0), regular drinking water was replaced with ARO or CON juice to begin a two-week familiarization period with the juice. ARO mice received an unpasteurized blend of Aronia juice, and CON mice received a sugar-matched beverage containing water, sorbitol, glucose, and fructose. The mice were housed in cages with free access to their respective juice. During the familiarization period, all mice received standard chow (LabDiet 5013).  After the 2-week familiarization period (T2), mice began a 6-week high-fat diet, delivered ad libitum concomitant with juice consumption. The HFD (Teklad TD.96132) was chosen to induce obesity and present an inflammatory stimulus (Duan et al., 2018) . The HFD mimics a Western style diet and consisted of 40.6% fat, 40.7% carbohydrate, and 18.7% protein and was particularly rich in sugars and trans-fatty acids. All chow provided was sterilized via autoclaving or irradiation. A total of 150 mL of juice was provided per cage each week. Juice was refilled three times each week.