Summary of Study ST001066

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR000713. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8HM48 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001066
Study TitleLipidomics analysis for aged mice liver (part-III)
Study TypeMS lipidomics analysis
Study SummaryLipidomics studies on samples from aged and young mice.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Last NameAndo
First NameAyumi
Address26-1, Muraoka-Higashi 2-chome, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-8555, Japan
Submit Date2018-10-01
Raw Data AvailableYes
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2019-10-11
Release Version1
Ayumi Ando Ayumi Ando application/zip

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Project ID:PR000713
Project DOI:doi: 10.21228/M8HM48
Project Title:Lipidomics analysis for aged mice organs
Project Type:MS lipidomics analysis
Project Summary:Lipidomics analysis for aged mice organs
Institute:Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Last Name:Ando
First Name:Ayumi
Address:26-1, Muraoka-Higashi 2-chome, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 251-8555, Japan


Subject ID:SU001110
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090
Genotype Strain:C57BL/6J mice
Age Or Age Range:8 week (“young”) and 112 week (“old”).
Weight Or Weight Range:young: 20.2g (mean), aged: 34.3g (mean)
Animal Animal Supplier:CLEA (Tokyo, Japan)
Animal Light Cycle:a 12-hour light/12-hour dark schedule
Animal Feed:CE-2, CLEA
Animal Water:tap water


Subject type: Mammal; Subject species: Mus musculus (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Age Tissue
SA071982Cortex_60_agedAged 112 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA071983Cortex_58_agedAged 112 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA071984Cortex_56_agedAged 112 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA071985Cortex_54_agedAged 112 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA071986Cortex_52_agedAged 112 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA071987Adipose_60_agedAged 112 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA071988Adipose_58_agedAged 112 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA071989Adipose_52_agedAged 112 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA071990Adipose_54_agedAged 112 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA071991Adipose_56_agedAged 112 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA071992Femoral_52_agedAged 112 weeks Femoral muscle
SA071993Femoral_58_agedAged 112 weeks Femoral muscle
SA071994Femoral_60_agedAged 112 weeks Femoral muscle
SA071995Femoral_56_agedAged 112 weeks Femoral muscle
SA071996Femoral_54_agedAged 112 weeks Femoral muscle
SA071997Liver_60_agedAged 112 weeks Liver
SA071998Liver_58_agedAged 112 weeks Liver
SA071999Liver_56_agedAged 112 weeks Liver
SA072000Liver_52_agedAged 112 weeks Liver
SA072001Liver_54_agedAged 112 weeks Liver
SA072002Cortex_59_youngYoung 8 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA072003Cortex_57_youngYoung 8 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA072004Cortex_51_youngYoung 8 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA072005Cortex_55_youngYoung 8 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA072006Cortex_53_youngYoung 8 weeks Cerebral Cortex
SA072007Adipose_59_youngYoung 8 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA072008Adipose_57_youngYoung 8 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA072009Adipose_55_youngYoung 8 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA072010Adipose_51_youngYoung 8 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA072011Adipose_53_youngYoung 8 weeks Epididymal adipose tissue
SA072012Femoral_57_youngYoung 8 weeks Femoral muscle
SA072013Femoral_59_youngYoung 8 weeks Femoral muscle
SA072014Femoral_55_youngYoung 8 weeks Femoral muscle
SA072015Femoral_53_youngYoung 8 weeks Femoral muscle
SA072016Femoral_51_youngYoung 8 weeks Femoral muscle
SA072017Liver_59_youngYoung 8 weeks Liver
SA072018Liver_57_youngYoung 8 weeks Liver
SA072019Liver_55_youngYoung 8 weeks Liver
SA072020Liver_53_youngYoung 8 weeks Liver
SA072021Liver_51_youngYoung 8 weeks Liver
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Collection ID:CO001104
Collection Summary:All mice were killed by decapitation for sample collection. Collected tissues were immediately frozen by liquid nitrogen then stored -80 C until use. (Femoral, Cortex, Liver, Adipose) tissues.
Sample Type:Liver
Storage Conditions:-80℃


Treatment ID:TR001124
Treatment Summary:Tissues were homogenised in isopropanol (100 mg/mL) for lipidomics.

Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP001117
Sampleprep Summary:Tissues were homogenised in isopropanol (100 mg/mL) for lipidomics.

Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN001744 AN001745
Analysis type MS MS
Chromatography type Reversed phase Reversed phase
Chromatography system Orbitrap XL Orbitrap XL
Column Waters XBridge C18 (50 x 2.1mm,3um) Waters XBridge C18 (50 x 2.1mm,3um)
MS instrument type Single quadrupole Single quadrupole
MS instrument name Thermo LTQ XL Thermo LTQ XL
Units peak area peak area


Chromatography ID:CH001232
Chromatography Summary:The liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry system consisted of an Ultimate3000 RSLC system (Thermo Fisher Scientific inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA) using a gradient elution consisting of mobile phase A (0.01% acetic acid and 1 mM ammonia in MilliQ water) and mobile phase B (0.001% acetic acid and 0.2 mM ammonia in ethanol/isopropanol [3:1])
Instrument Name:Orbitrap XL
Column Name:Waters XBridge C18 (50 x 2.1mm,3um)
Solvent A:100% water; 0.01% acetic acid; 1 mM ammonia
Solvent B:75% ethanol/25% isopropanol; 0.001% acetic acid; 0.2 mM ammonia
Chromatography Type:Reversed phase


MS ID:MS001612
Analysis ID:AN001744
Instrument Name:Thermo LTQ XL
Instrument Type:Single quadrupole
MS ID:MS001613
Analysis ID:AN001745
Instrument Name:Thermo LTQ XL
Instrument Type:Single quadrupole