Summary of study ST001982

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001258. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M83M69 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001982
Study TitleLipidomic characterization of Candida albicans in response to Aureobasidin treatment in vitro.
Study SummaryCandida albicans is an opportunistic yeast pathogen that causes a wide range of infections especially amongst immunocompromised patients. Aureobasidin A (AbA) has been shown to inhibit inositolphosphoryl ceramide synthase (IPCS), a key enzyme responsible for sphingolipid biosynthesis. There are limited studies exploring IPCS as a target molecule for antifungal treatment. It is hypothesized that the mechanism of AbA inhibition involves alteration of C. albicans phospholipid and sphingolipid profiles. The profiling of C. albicans phospholipid and sphingolipid upon exposure to 0.5-4 µg/ml of AbA were determined using Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS).
University of Malaya
Last NameHamdan
First NameNur Wahida
AddressJalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Submit Date2021-09-16
Num Groups5
Total SubjectsDuplicates
Num MalesNA
Num FemalesNA
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2021-11-22
Release Version1
Nur Wahida Hamdan Nur Wahida Hamdan application/zip

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Subject type: Yeast; Subject species: Candida albicans (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Treatment Concentration (ug/ml) Extraction method Ionization mode
SA185589n0.5_PBAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Negative
SA185590n0.5_PAAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Negative
SA185591N_0.5_PAAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Negative
SA185592N_0.5_PBAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Negative
SA185593p0.5_PBAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Positive
SA185594p0.5_PAAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Positive
SA185595P_0.5_PBAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Positive
SA185596P_0.5_PAAbA-treated 0.5 Phospholipids Positive
SA185597N_0.5_SBAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185598n0.5_SAAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185599n0.5_SBAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185600N_0.5_SAAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185601p0.5_SBAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185602p0.5_SAAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185603P_0.5_SBAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185604P_0.5_SAAbA-treated 0.5 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185617N_1_PAAbA-treated 1 phospholipids Negative
SA185618n1_PAAbA-treated 1 phospholipids Negative
SA185605n1_PBAbA-treated 1 Phospholipids Negative
SA185606N_1_PBAbA-treated 1 Phospholipids Negative
SA185619p1_PAAbA-treated 1 phospholipids Positive
SA185620P_1_PAAbA-treated 1 phospholipids Positive
SA185607P_1_PBAbA-treated 1 Phospholipids Positive
SA185608p1_PBAbA-treated 1 Phospholipids Positive
SA185609n1_SAAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185610n1_SBAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185611N_1_SAAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185612N_1_SBAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185613P_1_SAAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185614p1_SBAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185615P_1_SBAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185616p1_SAAbA-treated 1 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185621N_2_PAAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Negative
SA185622n2_PBAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Negative
SA185623n2_PAAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Negative
SA185624N_2_PBAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Negative
SA185625P_2_PBAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Positive
SA185626P_2_PAAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Positive
SA185627p2_PBAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Positive
SA185628p2_PAAbA-treated 2 Phospholipids Positive
SA185629n2_SAAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185630N_2_SAAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185631N_2_SBAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185632n2_SBAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185633P_2_SAAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185634p2_SAAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185635p2_SBAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185636P_2_SBAbA-treated 2 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185637N_4_PBAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Negative
SA185638n4_PBAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Negative
SA185639N_4_PAAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Negative
SA185640n4_PAAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Negative
SA185641p4_PAAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Positive
SA185642p4_PBAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Positive
SA185643P_4_PAAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Positive
SA185644P_4_PBAbA-treated 4 Phospholipids Positive
SA185645N_4_SAAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185646N_4_SBAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185647n4_SBAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185648n4_SAAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Negative
SA185649P_4_SAAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185650p4_SAAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185651p4_SBAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185652P_4_SBAbA-treated 4 Sphingolipids Positive
SA185653nDMSO_PAControl - Phospholipids Negative
SA185654nDMSO_PBControl - Phospholipids Negative
SA185655N_DMSO_PAControl - Phospholipids Negative
SA185656N_DMSO_PBControl - Phospholipids Negative
SA185657pDMSO_PAControl - Phospholipids Positive
SA185658pDMSO_PBControl - Phospholipids Positive
SA185659P_DMSO_PAControl - Phospholipids Positive
SA185660P_DMSO_PBControl - Phospholipids Positive
SA185661nDMSO_SBControl - Sphingolipids Negative
SA185662nDMSO_SAControl - Sphingolipids Negative
SA185663N_DMSO_SAControl - Sphingolipids Negative
SA185664N_DMSO_SBControl - Sphingolipids Negative
SA185665P_DMSO_SBControl - Sphingolipids Positive
SA185666pDMSO_SBControl - Sphingolipids Positive
SA185667pDMSO_SAControl - Sphingolipids Positive
SA185668P_DMSO_SAControl - Sphingolipids Positive
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