Protocol 821: MS_Ingalls_Lab_MS_Methods.txt

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File ID821
File NameMS_Ingalls_Lab_MS_Methods.txt
Metabolite ClassNatural mixed marine microbial community
Sample TypeSuspended Marine Particulate Matter
InstituteUniversity of Washington
SubmitterKatherine Heal
Date Submitted2020-04-28

Studies that use this protocol

Study ID Study Title Species Institute Analysis
ST001372Patterns in metabolite pools show that phytoplankton leave a taxon-specific signature on particulate carbon: North Pacific Subtropical Gyre depth profile Natural mixed marine microbial community University of Washington MS
ST001480Large diversity in nitrogen- and sulfur-containing compatible solute profiles in polar and temperate diatoms Nitzschia lecointei;Fragilariopsis cylindrus;Navicula cf. perminuta;Navicula pelliculosa University of Washington MS

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