Summary of Study ST000259

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR000210. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M87W2S This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST000259
Study TitleMetabolic contribution of pSymA and pSymB megaplasmid/chromid for multipartite Sinorhizobium meliloti cultured in rich LBmc medium
Study Typemegaplasmid deletion
Study SummaryWe wished to evaluate the contribution of pSymA and pSymB towards the utilization of various metabolites in a nutritionally complex environment and to examine how S. meliloti influences its surrounding environment.
McMaster University
DepartmentDepartment of Biology
Last NameFinan
First NameTurlough
AddressDepartment of Biology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada L8S4K1
Phone(+1)905-525-9140 ext 22932
Submit Date2015-09-17
Num Groups14
Total Subjects82
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)d
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2015-10-26
Release Version1
Turlough Finan Turlough Finan application/zip

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Subject type: Bacterial cells; Subject species: Sinorhizobium meliloti (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id strains time
SA011888AB_L1fΔpSymAB N/A
SA011889AB_L2aΔpSymAB N/A
SA011890AB_L2bΔpSymAB N/A
SA011891AB_L1eΔpSymAB N/A
SA011892AB_L1dΔpSymAB N/A
SA011893AB_L1aΔpSymAB N/A
SA011894AB_L1bΔpSymAB N/A
SA011895AB_L2cΔpSymAB N/A
SA011896AB_L1cΔpSymAB N/A
SA011897AB_L3cΔpSymAB N/A
SA011898AB_L3eΔpSymAB N/A
SA011899AB_L2dΔpSymAB N/A
SA011900AB_L3bΔpSymAB N/A
SA011901AB_L3dΔpSymAB N/A
SA011902AB_L2eΔpSymAB N/A
SA011903AB_L3aΔpSymAB N/A
SA011904AB_L2fΔpSymAB N/A
SA011905A_L2aΔpSymA N/A
SA011906A_L2bΔpSymA N/A
SA011907A_L2cΔpSymA N/A
SA011908A_L1eΔpSymA N/A
SA011909A_L1dΔpSymA N/A
SA011910A_L2dΔpSymA N/A
SA011911A_L1fΔpSymA N/A
SA011912A_L3dΔpSymA N/A
SA011913A_L3fΔpSymA N/A
SA011914A_L1cΔpSymA N/A
SA011915A_L3eΔpSymA N/A
SA011916A_L3cΔpSymA N/A
SA011917A_L3aΔpSymA N/A
SA011918A_L3bΔpSymA N/A
SA011919A_L2fΔpSymA N/A
SA011920A_L2eΔpSymA N/A
SA011921A_L1bΔpSymA N/A
SA011922A_L1aΔpSymA N/A
SA011923B_L2bΔpSymB N/A
SA011924B_L2cΔpSymB N/A
SA011925B_L2aΔpSymB N/A
SA011926B_L1eΔpSymB N/A
SA011927B_L1dΔpSymB N/A
SA011928B_L1fΔpSymB N/A
SA011929B_L2fΔpSymB N/A
SA011930B_L3dΔpSymB N/A
SA011931B_L3eΔpSymB N/A
SA011932B_L3cΔpSymB N/A
SA011933B_L3bΔpSymB N/A
SA011934B_L1cΔpSymB N/A
SA011935B_L3aΔpSymB N/A
SA011936B_L2eΔpSymB N/A
SA011937B_L2dΔpSymB N/A
SA011938B_L1bΔpSymB N/A
SA011939B_L1aΔpSymB N/A
SA011940LB_L1fLuria Broth only 0 hr
SA011941LB_L1aLuria Broth only 0 hr
SA011942LB_L1eLuria Broth only 0 hr
SA011943LB_L1bLuria Broth only 0 hr
SA011944LB_L1cLuria Broth only 0 hr
SA011945LB_L1dLuria Broth only 0 hr
SA011946LB_L2eLuria Broth only 45 hrs
SA011947LB_L2fLuria Broth only 45 hrs
SA011948LB_L2dLuria Broth only 45 hrs
SA011949LB_L2bLuria Broth only 45 hrs
SA011950LB_L2aLuria Broth only 45 hrs
SA011951LB_L2cLuria Broth only 45 hrs
SA011952WT_L1bwild type N/A
SA011953WT_L1awild type N/A
SA011954WT_L1cwild type N/A
SA011955WT_L1fwild type N/A
SA011956WT_L2ewild type N/A
SA011957WT_L2fwild type N/A
SA011958WT_L2dwild type N/A
SA011959WT_L2cwild type N/A
SA011960WT_L2awild type N/A
SA011961WT_L2bwild type N/A
SA011962WT_L3awild type N/A
SA011963WT_L3bwild type N/A
SA011964WT_L3fwild type N/A
SA011965WT_L1ewild type N/A
SA011966WT_L3ewild type N/A
SA011967WT_L3dwild type N/A
SA011968WT_L3cwild type N/A
SA011969WT_L1dwild type N/A
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