Studies involving sample source:Glioma cells

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000248Metabolic heterogeneity in GlioblastomaHumanUniversity of Florida
ST000276IDH1 and Glioma knockdown idh1HumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000301GBM Cell Lines Reproducibility Pilot StudyHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000302Isocitrate dehydrogenase-1/Glioma Fluxomics StudyHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST0008202 hydroxyglutarate prodution in neurospheres from IDH1 mouse glioma model #2MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST0008242HG concentration in human IDH1m cellsHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST001023H3K27M cells and glutamine metabolomics 1 million cell test (part-I)HumanMayo Clinic
ST001024TCA cycle metabolomics of H3K27M cells grown in regular glutamine media, glutamine free media, and glutamine free media with alpha-ketoglutarate (Part-II)HumanMayo Clinic
ST001025TCA Isotopmer metabolomics of H3K27M Cells grown in regular media, glutamine enriched regular media, and glucose encriched regular media (Part-III)HumanMayo Clinic
ST001026TCA cycle metabolomics of H3K27M Cell Nucleus Fraction and Cell Mitonchonrdial Fraction (Part-IV)HumanMayo Clinic

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