Studies involving sample source:Tumor cells

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000714Effect of genetic lesions on glioblastoma (NP, NPA, NPAI, NS)MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST000740Quantitating the baseline fatty acid composition in phospholipids in subgroups of tumor cellsHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST001191Metabolome of ginsenoside anti-tumorHumanNankai University
ST001339Disruption of Redox Balance Enhances the Effects of BRAF-inhibitors in MelanomaHumanVanderbilt University
ST001527Lung cancer metabolomics analysisHumanUniversity of Louisville
ST001638Metabolomics analysis of Vehicle (DMSO/PBS; (1:1) v/v) and DRB18 (10 mg/kg) treated A549 xenograft tumorsMouseOhio University
ST001838Reversing Epigenetic Gene Silencing to Overcome Immune Evasion in CNS MalignanciesMouseNational Cancer Institute
ST002160Global metabolomics analysis of neutrophils isolated from tumorMouseThe Wistar Institute
ST002241ACSS2 Regulates HIF-2α Degradation through the E3-Ubiquitin Ligase MUL1 in Clear Cell Renal Cell CarcinomaMouseVanderbilt University
ST002255Functional metabolic molecules were identified as novel therapeutic targets to facilitate gemcitabine treatment against pancreatic cancer (Cells metabolomics with ATP)HumanShanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University
ST002526Stable isotope tracing of 15N2-glutamine in orthotopic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma tumor bearing mice and non tumor-bearing controlsMouseUniversity of Chicago
ST002528Concentrations of amino acids in interstitial fluid and whole tumor samples of a murine PDAC orthotopic tumor model, measured by LC-MSMouseUniversity of Chicago
ST002529In vivo 15N2-glutamine tracing by jugular vein infusion in PDAC-tumor bearing Lyz2-Arg1 and control miceMouseUniversity of Chicago
ST002806Comprehensive Metabolic Profiling of MYC-Amplified Medulloblastoma Tumors Reveals Key Dependencies on Amino Acid, Tricarboxylic Acid and Hexosamine PathwaysHumanJohns Hopkins University
ST002835Investigation of FGFR signaling controlled metabolism in FGFR2-fusion+ intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomaHumanMassachusetts General Hospital
ST002839Metabolic alteration during ferroptotic process in cancer cells.HumanZhongshan Hospital Fudan University
ST003152Metabolomics analysis of murine xenograft tumors derived from human breast cancer cell line MCF7 1 h after isotopic glucose bolusMouseWistar Institute

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