Protocol 438: Glycolysis-TCA-nucleotides-20150324.docx

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File ID438
File NameGlycolysis-TCA-nucleotides-20150324.docx
Metabolite ClassMouse, human
Sample TypeCells, skeletal muscles, Lung Fibroblasts, plasma
InstituteUniversity of Michigan
SubmitterAlexander Raskind
Date Submitted2015-12-29

Studies that use this protocol

Study ID Study Title Species Institute Analysis
ST000295Metabolic analysis of Human and Mouse Lung Fiboblasts Mus musculus;Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000304Early in life exposure studies on human and mouse samples Mus musculus;Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000313Muscle Clock knock out mice metabolic changes (iMSBmal1-Exp1) Mus musculus University of Michigan MS
ST000373Measure change in metabolites based on diet and feeding status (part II) Drosophila melanogaster University of Michigan MS