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MB Sample ID: SA005403

Local Sample ID:T18-3
Subject ID:SU000114
Subject Type:Animal
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090
Age Or Age Range:9 months
Animal Housing:Singly housed
Animal Feed:High fat diet (HFD, 4.73 kcal/g, 20% protein, 35% carbohydrate, and 45% fat per kcal; D12451, Research Diets, New Brunswick, NJ)
Species Group:Mammal

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP000110
Sampleprep Summary:A 15 mg liver sample (n=1 female/litter in 7 VEH and 8 DDT litters) was pulverized on dry ice, enriched with deuterated bile acid surrogates, butylated hydroxytoluene and ethylinediaminetetraacetic acid, and extracted twice with 500 uL methanol. The combined extract was dried, reconstituted in 100uL 50:50 methanol:acetonitrile with internal standards 1-phenyl-3-hexanoic acid urea and 1-cyclohexyl-3-dodecanoic acid urea (Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO) and filtered at 0.1 µm.
Sampleprep Protocol Filename:Newman_Lab_Bile_Acid_Protocols_La_Merrill_WCMC_P&F.pdf
Processing Method:Pulverization on dry ice
Extraction Method:Methanol
Extract Concentration Dilution:Dried with Rotoevaporator
Extract Storage:Placed in 10 °C autosampler and immediately analyzed
Sample Spiking:Spiked with deuterated bile acid surrogates.