Studies involving sample source:Saliva

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000418The role of CFTR in the regulation of intrinsic defense mechanisms of exocrine secretionsHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000467Metabolomics of Saliva Samples Obtained from Subjects with DiabetesHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000496Distinct signatures of dental plaque metabolic byproducts dictated by periodontal inflammatory statusHumanOsaka University
ST000588Metabolomics of Saliva in Decompensated Heart FailureHumanMayo Clinic
ST001905Metabolomic profiling of saliva in diabetes patientsHumanOsaka University
ST002211Effects of Medwakh Smoking on Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Among Youth in UAE using Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryHumanSharjah Institute for Medical Research
ST002265Multi-omic analysis reveals bacteria may have a role in dental erosionHumanKing's College London
ST002328Metabolome and transcriptome analysis of oral mucosa of HIV+ patients reveal a role for polyamine metabolic pathway in T cell dysfunctionHumanCase Western Reserve University

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