Studies involving sample source:Leaves

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000606Bioprospection of the aromatic potential of species from the Atlantic Rainforest in São Paulo: occurrence, taxonomy and chemical, genetic and physiological characterization of plant populationsPlantsInstituto Agronômico, IAC, São Paulo, Brazil
ST001955Metabonomics analysis reveals the physiological mechanism of promoting maize shoots growth under negative pressure to stabilize soil water contentMaizeHeilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
ST001962Nontargeted metabolomics of UGT71 CRISPR knockouts in PoplarPoplarUniversity of Victoria
ST002012Untargeted primary metabolite profiling in Arabidopsis thalianaArabidopsis thalianaSalk Institute for Biological Studies
ST002148Untargeted MS-based metabolomics analysis of the responses to drought stress in Quercus ilex leaf seedlings, and identification of putative compounds related to toleranceHolly oakUniversidad de Córdoba
ST002570Evaluation of Extraction Parameters for the Analysis of Lipid Classes in PlantsFlame BromeliadUniversity of Campinas
ST002749Bromeliad lipidomics for adaptation to elevationFlame BromeliadUniversity of Campinas
ST002795Functional divergence of CYP76AKs shapes the chemodiversity of abietane-type diterpenoids in genus SalviaSageShanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
ST002917Transporter-mediated depletion of apoplastic proline directly contributes to plant pattern-triggered immunity against a bacterial pathogenArabidopsis thalianaOregon State University
ST003061Untargeted metabolomics analysis of three tea cultivars.Tea plantFujian Agriculture and Forestry University

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