Summary of all studies containing PUBCHEM ID 199

Project Study Study_title Subject_type Subject_species Metabolite_name
PR000001 ST000001 Fatb Induction Experiment (FatBIE) Plant Arabidopsis thaliana agmatine [Data]
PR000012 ST000013 Mutation Study Plant Arabidopsis thaliana agmatine [Data]
PR000015 ST000016 NPM-ALK metabolic regulation Human Homo sapiens AGMATINE [Data]
PR000016 ST000017 Rat HCR/LCR Stamina Study Animal Rattus norvegicus AGMATINE [Data]
PR000018 ST000040 Heatshock response of C. elegans using IROA (I) Invertebrate Caenorhabditis elegans Agmatine [Data]
PR000105 ST000116 Comparative metabolomics analysis of the key metabolic nodes in propionic acid synthesis in Propionibacterium acidipropionici Bacterial cells Acidipropionibacterium acidipropionici Agmatine [Data]
PR000142 ST000164 Metabolomic analysis of normal and diabetic mouse bone marrow under PBS or metformin treatment Animal Mus musculus Agmatine [Data]
PR000166 ST000694 Differences in bile acids composition between ASCL5 knockout and floxed mice. Mouse Mus musculus AGMATINE (CAS# 2482-00-0); (M+H)+ [Data]
PR000193 ST000240 Global LC-MS of Ozone Stress in Maize: GLCMS Plant Zea mays AGMATINE SULFATE [Data]
PR000200 ST000248 Metabolic heterogeneity in Glioblastoma Human Homo sapiens AGMATINE SULFATE [Data]
PR000228 ST000286 Mouse skeletal myotube chronic low-frequency stimulation Animal cells Mus musculus AGMATINE SULFATE [Data]
PR000357 ST000465 Uniquely Tumor-Selective Englerin A Profoundly Alters Lipid Metabolism in Renal Cell Carcinoma inducing ER-Stress and an Acute Inflammatory Response Human renal cancer cells Homo sapiens Agmatine [Data]
PR000414 ST000692 Metabolites produced by strains associated with inflammation Bacteria Treponema pectinovorum AGMATINE (CAS# 2482-00-0); (M+H)+ [Data]
PR000519 ST000722 Metabolomics of Diapause in Aedes albopictus Insect Aedes albopictus AGMATINE (M+H)+ [Data]
PR000615 ST000886 Mechanism Behind Stay Green Trait in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Plant Triticum aestivum AGMATINE SULFATE [Data]
PR000654 ST000953 Identification of putative cryoprotectant metabolites in Aphaenogaster picea Insect Aphaenogaster picea AGMATINE SULFATE [Data]
PR000776 ST001158 The gut microbiota plays a central role to modulate the plasma metabolome in response to chronic Angiotensin II infusion (part-II) Mammal Mus musculus agmatine [Data]
PR000974 ST001420 Metabolomic analysis of patients with recurrent angina Human Homo sapiens Agmatine [Data]
PR001074 ST001683 A gut microbe-focused metabolomics pipeline enables mechanistic interrogation of microbiome metabolism. Mammal Mus musculus AGMATINE [Data]
PR001170 ST001855 The metabolomic resetting effect of FG4592 in AKI to CKD transition (Part 1) Mammal Mus musculus Agmatine [Data]